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2019 LIDAR

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2018 Ortho Photo Release Information

To use this imagery in your application or in ArcMap, Connect to the following REST endpoint:

The 2018 Imagery is included in most of the Map Applications in the Aerial Photo\Ortho Group

Release Notes

The Marin Countywide Fine Scale Vegetation Map and Landscape Database Project is providing improved tools for mapping the county’s key resources. These tools will improve the ability of resource managers and city officials to detect change over time and identify areas of need.

This collaborative effort of the One Tam partners and Marin County’s scientific and land management communities is creating the most comprehensive surveys of the entire county's topography, built and natural features, and diverse plant communities and habitats. The resulting maps and underlying data will be used to understand and coordinate management of fire and flood hazards, critical habitats, and climate change resiliency.

The project is using a unique interdisciplinary approach that combines on-the-ground field data collection and vegetation sampling with remote sensing, machine learning techniques, and high-resolution aerial imagery. Combined, this information can be used to create very fine scale and accurate maps.

The first big piece of the project is now complete. 4 -band, 6-inch orthoimagery for the entire county was flown in June of 2018. In particular, flights over key coastal, bay, and lagoon areas were timed to coincide with low tide conditions so that the images could capture wetland/emergent vegetation and tidal marsh areas. During the quality control process, the project team identified several opportunities to expand the bay and lagoon areas covered in the final aerial photos.

Having these images not only marks a major milestone for project partners, but the images are also being made publicly available at

Key information about the 2018 Imagery:

  • 6” spatial resolution
  • 4 spectral bands: 1, 2, 3, NIR
  • Covers all of Marin County plus 200 meters outside the county boundary for a total area of 687,680 Acres
  • Acquisition dates – June 13, 14, 21, and 23, 2018
  • 4000x4000m ortho tiles in 16-bit depth (*.tif)
  • Countywide compression with 8-bit depth (*.sid)

Release Info provided by Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy