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About MarinMap


MarinMap is a group of local governments, special districts and other public agencies that have joined together to create a Geographic Information System (GIS).  MarinMap agencies work together to improve public service and each other's business processes, as well as provide a forum for group decision making.  

 Member agencies are contractually organized through a Joint Exercise of Power Agreement as a project of the Marin General Services Authority (MGSA).  The MGSA is a Joint Powers Agency with a governing Board consisting of Town/City Managers, the County Chief Administrative Officer or his/her designee and two Public Works Directors. MGSA meets at last 6 times a year; more frequently if needed.

MarinMap operations and support are provided via a contract between MGSA and the County of Marin Information Services and Technology Department (IST).

The Executive Officer of the MGSA is Adam McGill ([email protected])

The Program Director of MarinMap is Wayne Bush ([email protected])

The IST Team Leader for MarinMap is Marina Raskin ([email protected])

For technical support or error reporting, use the "Contact Us" link.