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MarinMap Work Program 2016 - 2017

Community base map update - Using new ESRI cartographic standards and tools, update the Community Base Map cartographic image semi-annually or quarterly. Streamline work processes to enable semi-annual or quarterly of local version (projected in California State Plane coordinates).

Building footprint update - Using County of Marin assessor data, digitize new building footprints using latest aerial photography and site plans as a reference.

Storm water system mapping update - For selected member agencies, digitize new storm water infrastructure and edit existing infrastructure data.

Video tutorials for GIS applications - Solicit ideas for adding to our set of educational videos showing how to use MarinMap GIS applications.

Coordinates for monuments and surveys - Obtain GPS coordinates for a subset of existing monuments.  Use surveys and recorded maps to improve the precision of all boundary maps associated with Assessor parcels.

ESRI ArcGIS Online - Learn how ESRI's ecosystem of map services, GIS application templates, workflow widgets and application source code could assist with GIS application development, data sharing and dissemination, and application sharing.