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GIS Data Download: Information and Instructions

Data in shape file format is grouped under categories and listed in Alphabetical order.
Click on the plus sign (+) to open a category folder.
All data are in California State Plane coordinates, NAD83 HARN, US Survey feet, WKID 2872.
Files have been compressed into zip files to reduce their size - unzip to restore.
Note: Disable any Popup blockers in browser toolbars such as Google, MSN, AOL, etc.

California Public Records Act

Users are encouraged to use Marin County's Open data portal,  GeoHUB, to download data in various formats.

Click Here for Marin County GEOHUB 

GIS Data List ( Use if data not available in Marin County Open Data portal above)

Click on the plus/minus signs to expand/collapse the different categories .   USE this only  if you cannot find data on Marin County  GeoHub

Collapse All Expand All

Park Boundary  from GeoHub

Parcel from GeoHub

Parcel Point from GeoHub

Condominium common area

Situs Address Point from GeoHub

Building Footprint from GeoHub

If you can't find it above use the data browser

If you cannot find it in the list above , try using the data browser  which list ALL data in the directories... Zip files and meta data

Data Browser

Please use the Contact US  page for questions regarding  missing data