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Spatial Query Shapes within Shape

How to spatially select data from arbitrary Shapes  on any layer :

Or select features that are contained within other features.

For this example  we will select  the Golden Gate  bus stops  within the community  of Sleepy Hollow .  

First we will select a community .  


 On the map  use the right click then Find Data On Map 


This will display  the Identify results   Click on the > 

Then click the Copy to Drawing Layer


This will highlight the shape on the map..  in this case  community of Sleepy Hollow


Then  open the Query Builder Tool 


Note  that we selected the Golden Gate Bus stops in as the data source  on TOP and All Polygon Drawings .

Also  we added a condition that is always true  ObjectID > 0

Finally  Click Search   And the map will highlight the locations 



To download this list click in the upper right menu and Select Export to CSV,XLX,Shapefile  then download  the file..