Street Address Information and Staff Contact List

MarinMap maintains a “document of record” file of street addresses for all jurisdictions in Marin County.  Addresses are shown as points in GIS applications (computer maps).  These addresses are used for a number of purposes, including mailings to businesses and residences, 911 computer aided dispatch for Sheriff, police and fire departments, automated phone calls during emergencies and “run books” for fire departments.  MarinMap agencies make every effort to keep addresses current and accurate.  If you see an error or have a question about an address in your area, please contact one of the staff listed. 

Note that the County Assessor may or may not use the same address for a given property.  The Assessor is required to record the address listed on the title or deed to a property even if that address is incorrect

Staff contacts for street address updates and corrections: 

Belvedere              Nancy Miller                (415) 435-3838    

Corte Madera        Dale Hurst                   (415) 927-5057

 Fairfax                   Linda Neal                   (415) 453-0291    

                              Cynthia Powell            (415) 453-5330     

Larkspur                Scott Metcho              (415) 927-5020    

                              Neal Toft                     (415) 927-5025    

 Mill Valley              Kari Svanstrom             (415) 388-4033    

                              Tom Zanarini               (415) 388-4033    

                              Jill Barnes                   (415) 388-4033    

                              Julie McClure              (415) 388-4033    

                              Danielle Staude           (415) 388-4033    

 Novato                  to be decided                   (415) 899-8980    

 Ross                      Elise Semonian           (415) 453-1453 x121

                              Linda Lopez                 (415) 453-1453 x105

 San Anselmo        Nancy Harris               (415) 258-4631    

                              Phil Boyle                    (415) 258-4617    

                              Kurt Botn                     (415) 258-4646    

 San Rafael            Thomas Ahrens          (415) 485-3085    

                              Bill Voigt                      (415) 485-3366    

 Sausalito               Alberto Viana              (415) 289-4111    

Tiburon                  Tarun Sanghvi            (415) 435-7392    

Unincorporated     Vivian Lo                     (415) 473-2801    

                              Dennis Healey            (415) 473-4053