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How To Download a Ortho Image File

Ortho / Aerial image download is  accomplished by either
1) Download prebuilt image panels or
2) Use the Export Map map tool to clip an image and  create a download file.

The first step is to verify that PopUp Blockers are Disabled.
Many Popup blockers can disable by holding the control key while clicking on a link.

We have  new Ortho Download applications in  2 versions:

Ortho Download with Silverlight 
Use this version to download from desktop browsers like  Internet Explorer , FireFox, Chrome. (requires Silverlight)

Ortho Download HTML5 Safari Mobile Tablet   
Use this version to download from Apple and tablet devices.

To Download a Panel

To download prebuilt images of Orthos that are available. 
Zoom to the Panel on the Grid
Clink on the Point Identify Tool   or Right click the What's Here   and some links will appear in the Results pane.
Open ToolBar  ,if Not opened  by clicking on the wrench Icon on the far right

Open Maps and Data sources Tab at the top Click on Show Layers
Turn on the layer group labeled MarinMap/MM_Local_Imagery
Use the ExportMap tool,located on the Getting Around Tab 
Select the type of image file to download. 

If you click the checkbox to include the GeoReference Data ,  a Zip file is prepared for download that includes projection and coordinate
data that will allow you to place the image with the geographic coordinates,  for use with autoCAD ARCMAP  etc.

OR  if you require a specific size , resolution or Scale Click on the Export Map Custom Tool. 
The Step one screen reminds you to Zoom to the area of interest.  Click Next  and step 2 shows the following screen.  

Enter the parameters for Resolution Scale, Height and Width (in pixels)   Click Export.
A dialog will appear with a link to either the image or the Zip file for you to download.